Bellingham IVF
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IVF & Fertility Treatments for Greater Vancouver

Bellingham IVF offers a full range of infertility treatments to our patients who live near Vancouver and the Canada/US border. We believe the best services we provide are convenience and affordability. From our opening eleven years ago, we have been providing both services available and those not available in Canada, to our Canadian patients. We are much more affordable, convenient and personal than other fertility clinics in Washington State. At Bellingham IVF you always see the physician and staff who know you so you don’t feel like a name or number. Our personal service is unmatched at any other fertility clinic anywhere. Because of this level of care, we are able to offer you individualized treatment plans that best suit your particular problem. Our pregnancy rates for all of our procedures (IVF, Inseminations, Donor Oocytes or Sperm, etc.) are comparable to the very best clinics anywhere.

We are only 30 minutes from the US/Canada border at Peace Arch (Highway 99) making us the closest U.S. clinic to Vancouver by several hours. Since 1995, we have had a lot of experience working with patients from Canada and we’re familiar with your unique needs.

Unlike many fertility clinics in Canada and the United States, Bellingham IVF does not exclude patients from having fertility treatments based on their age or FSH levels. We welcome any woman into our facility who wishes to have a child and we do our best to see it happen. Bellingham IVF has had hundreds of successes from Canadian patients who were turned down for treatment elsewhere.